The Krump Dance studios is a service oriented business that began Febuary 2011.We provide dance fitness, dance training and dance theatre and entertainment services.


To be the best institution in producing refined dancers with world-class equivalence and to establish the culture of dance fitness, dance theatre and entertainment in Nigeria virtuously.


To add value to lives through dance and to make each performance & class experience extraordinary for every client, student and staff.


Dance transforms lives


Talent, Passion and Creativity are three words that describe the team of dance instructors at the krump Dance Studios. For us, it is a way of life not just a job.We love doing what we do and we love to see the impact we have on the lives of our audience and clients.
We have a strong and dedicated team of instructors that are composed of competition winners and certified dancers in different fields of dance.Krump Studios also collaborates with instructors from all around the globe to ensure our standards are world class.


Amongst many other reasons, The Krump Dance Studios provides flexibility, professionalism and consistent service delivery.Our unique edge at the studio is the variety of services we offer and the ability we have to enable fitness lovers and men/women who desire to loose weight do so with such ease and fun. We have 15 (and still creating more) dance and fitness classes. Each class has its own unique flavour and focus on the entire body;Some focusing on specific parts, like the arms (i.e dance with weights),some on the belly (tummy blasting,hip-hop abs) and shape (yoga, pilates,ladies sexy shape class) .Other classes include the extremely fun dance party class "Dance groove" and the continental dance class "African body movement".  


Our dance productions depict comic reliefs; remakes of old block bosters, abstract art and societal issues.
For every service our target each time is to ensure our clients and audience receive services beyound their expectation.
We are passionate about dance and dance as a profession and we work towards being major contributors to the dance entertainment industry in Nigeria.
Call on us and we’ll show you what real dance entertainment is all about.


Our Dance training classes include salsa, contemporary, hip-hop, ballet, cultural classes (i.e swange, bata, wazobia), dance theatre and organised training workshops in latin and ballroom (cha cha,argentine tango,samba,), contemporary, funk, african contemporary dance, jazz e.t.c.