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building a community through dance

Krump Studios was founded by Jemima Angulu in 2011 , in a small room-like space in the heart of Kado estate,Abuja city. She grew up without the resources or opportunities to live out her lifelong dream to be a dance performer and she made up her mind to provide a platform that would enable younger dancers to live out their dance dreams and goals.

Almost a decade later, Krump studios have logged thousands of krumppers and over 20,000 Classes for individuals, organisations, schools and children from various

an image of krump dancers performing a contemporary dance routine
Dance Fitness

creating an healthy community

Using Dance As A Healthy Tool

After she lost both parents to cancer, she was motivated to also engage her community using dance as a tool for healthy living. She uses dance as a tool for change towards a healthy mind , body and spirit.

The Krump Studios provides Quality Dance classes, Space for rehearsals/Auditions/workshops e.t.c & Unique Performances.

founder's note

I’m Jemima, ballerina & dance coach

Right from a young age, I have seen how dance has transformed my life and the lives of others as a confidence booster, a healer, a great storyteller and  a connector; At Krump studios, we don’t move to the beat , we allow it transform us for ourselves and for the community and world at large. Whether its dance training you need, or its dance fitness , or just a performance, I welcome you to a transforming experience.

an image of krump dancers performing a contemporary dance routine

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Victor Obafemi Dance Trainee

Krump Studio is place where every existing human being needs to be,it accommodates all kind of dance and dancers and refine them into extraordinary dancers,and make you find your rhythm with technique,you will be orientated and see reasons why you need to dance and let dance make you live long. even if your dance is terrible just take it there, krump Studio will make you perfect, what ever level you are in dancing it does not matter, am a living testimony to that

Beedof B.N. Abireh Dance Trainee

Krump dance studio's for us at Streetmic is the definition of one amongst the emerging trends in our entertainment industry...specially at this time when young people crave for job opportunities and fun at the same time,The Krump dance studio's arrival has been able to provide the solutions thereby raising to the occasion of the yearnings of both the young and old...krump dance dance studio's is the best in the city of Abuja and its the definition of showbiz so please go there and dance to the beat.

Paulette Iwenjiora Dancer

If I could use a phrase to describe Krump Studio it would be 'Dream Saver' because they truly did save my dream, and other people's as well. I love to dance but was losing my drive and passion that I use to have for it because of the lack of dance opportunities in Abuja. But when I was invited to come to Krump Studio for dance training the passion I once had sparked up again. When I saw how versatile they were I was completely on fire again. Ever since then I can't get enough of Krump Studio! They're my family and will always be.

Judith Garba Fitness Client & Dance Lover

Last year enrolled at a gym to lose weight but 4 months into d program, realized that my weight was still d same so decided to try something new. A cousin of mine recommended the Krump dance studio and I must say dat was definitely a wise decision. The dance sessns energetic and exciting! There's remarkable program in weight lost so far and the goal, almost there and soon!

Anurika Fitness Client

Krump studio makes you feel like family,for me,its d perfect place to workout while having fun...av come 2 realize,losing weight doesn't have to be boring at Krump Studios

Mariam Lawal Fitness Client & Dance Lover

Krump Dance Studio: Just the right place to be in Abuja if you are looking for something outside the conventional gym. Let them help you bring out those hidden talents in YOU.

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